All Hallow’s Read Program

After a successful October Tween Night, I wanted to do more for the Halloween season. As a kid, I loved hearing and sharing spooky stories. Halloween is also the perfect time of year for Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy. The plan was to hang out in the tween section and get scared together.

Set up & Supplies:

This program didn’t cost anything to run! I chose a spot that I could darken without taking light from the rest of the library. I used bean bags that we have for story time to make a cozy circle around a fake fire. Our children’s department had an inflatable campfire leftover from a different program. I stuck some battery operated book lights inside of it so it glowed. The only other thing needed were scary books to read!

Scary Stories in the Dark:

Once the kids arrived, I opened up the floor. I asked if they had any tales to share with the group. I was not expected the awesome response I got! Every kid had a story to tell. It was so much fun! As spooky stories were told, I passed out the books I had brought, and they chose their favorites to read out loud.

We did this for an hour. They were all perfectly creeped out when they left.

What I learned:

I had been worried that it would end up being me reading the whole time. I’m glad I gave them the opportunity to share first. It was a wonderful surprise when they went for it! I will ask first in future programs too.

I also learned that there’s value in smaller, more intimate programs. I had 10 kids, and I felt like I connected with each one. I want to run this program again next year.