Passive Programs

Tween I Spy Table

My first Tween passive program was an I Spy table. I collected colorful pictures of popular characters and Tween interests.

Once everything was printed and cut out, I arranged them on the table. I created 3 rhyming riddles, in traditional I Spy style, for the kids to find. For example:

“Find a minecraft creeper, a turtle, Thor,

Mario, a doughnut, and house Gryffindor”

The last step was to cover the table in book covering vinyl. It’s cheap and on hand. I originally covered each individual picture, but that would be too easy to peel up. Covering the table entirely was much more durable.

The kids liked it. It was up in our junior section for at least a month. I was told by coworkers that the Tweens would ask for hints. I would do this again someday.