• Displays

    Your Faves Display

    I decided to try something new with my tween display. I wanted to turn it into something that patrons could interact with. This became the “Your Faves” display.

    I provided book review slips that patrons could fill out and tape onto the display.

    As I got reviews, I displayed the mentioned favorite book.

    I was happy to get as much response as I did! This was the first of its kind in the tween section. This gives me hope for similar projects in the future.

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    Gourmet Reads Display

    When I think of November, cold weather and comfort food comes to mind. November’s upcoming Tween Night is a Taste Test Challenge, so I decided to do a food book display. This Gourmet Reads displays has junior cookbooks and junior fiction books about food!

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    Beware of Zombies Display

    To kick off the spookiest month of the year and promote my upcoming zombie Tween Night, I put up a Beware of Zombies display! Books about all things brainy and undead accompanied a flier for October’s Tween Scream.



    I wanted to be able to promote youth events in their section of the library. I found an extra acrylic sign holder that I was able to add to my normal book display.  I’m happy with the finished result. I’m hoping this formula (flier + themed books) will drive up circulation and event attendance.


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    Banned Books Week Display

    Every year in September I get excited for Banned Books Week! Now I know that a banned book display is nothing new, but I will always put one up. Why? Because it’s the best conversation starter! It never fails to pique patrons’ curiosity, especially if they see a favorite book on the display! Parents and kiddos alike will ask what it’s all about.

    During these interactions, I also try to touch on the importance of intellectual freedom, and how it is still relevant today. For example, the popular middle-grade graphic novel Drama by Raina Telgemeier, which has won multiple awards, has landed on the challenged book list multiple times. This is a book and author I’m asked for frequently at my library. Our young patrons love it. Imagine if it was taken away.










    Check out bannedbooksweek.org or the ALA website for more information!

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    Tween Bad Art Gallery

    In September I was gifted my own display for all things Tweens. The timing was perfect! I decided to showcase the tween’s Messterpieces from Bad Art Night, and the Bad Art Gallery was born!

    I happened to be close by when some of my program attendees were looking for their creations. Apparently, I taped one upside down. Oops. You just really could not tell with some of them ( I think that means they did a great job at bad art). I offered to fix it immediately.

    I have high hopes for this display. It’s the library’s first display specific for this age group. It’s modular and has two additional matching pieces. Something we are currently working on is truly making the Youth section theirs, so this display will live in that space. I know I’ll have fun playing with it.